A Curd Nerd’s Dream Come True!

Dear Dairy,

A few weeks ago, I entered into a drawing hosted by Culture Magazine to be an official taste tester for a new cheese that the famed Jasper Hill Farm is product. Sadly, I was not selected for the initial drawing but I was still eligible to win a medley of cheese related tools from Boska and Emmi Roth. And lo and behold, an enormous packaged arrived for me at word. I am the lucky recipient of a cheese curler, grilled cheese toast bags (more on this next week), and nearly 4 pounds of cheese! Yeesh.

I decided to test out the cheese curler today, being that it is terribly gloomy out and nothing warms a soul like a bit of cheese!

This cheese curler, or girolle as it is known in France and Switzerland is quite common among households. The name means “chanterelle” in French because the little florets it produces quite literally look like a chanterelle mushroom.Most traditionally, Tête de Moine is used which is an Alpine style, gruyere-esque type of cheese. While is aromatically quite pungent, these florets melt on your tongue giving way to flavors of grass with a slight nutty finish. Tête de Moine translates to “Monk’s Head” because of its shape and color (how bizarre!)

The small curls the girolle makes are so sweet and such a nice accent on a cheese plate or salad. There is going to be so much shaved tête de moine in my life for the next while! Don’t get me wrong, I can certainly power through a ton of cheese but this is nearly 4 pounds. Maybe I’ll have a cheese party…


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One Response to A Curd Nerd’s Dream Come True!

  1. Amanda Affrunti says:

    Congratulations on your prize! I am very interested in hearing about these grilled cheese bags…and I have been a total doof and haven’t made it down to Salumeria to see you yet. I shall have to do that soon. I’m ever so charmed by your Dear Dairy posts.
    On a side note, we’re approaching the Scary Dairy Story Contest for Culture magazine. I will be judging the winners this year. You best start drafting a tale of cheesy madness asap! I’ll try to be impartial 😀

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