This is a 2 part story:

1. As a little kid, I kept a diary, as any little kid does.  And as a little kid, I was a terrible speller and have now, since grown up, self-diagnosed myself with a mild form of dyslexia… or just use it as justification for my poor spelling.

2. I recently found said diary and was reading a few pages of scribbly handwriting, about how Sasha was so cute but didn’t like me back blah blah blah, when I noticed a pattern. All my entries started with “Dear Dairy”. Being that my profession is now a cheesemonger, I thought how fitting! Being a turophile falls right into my line of destiny, stemming all the way back to the days when I wore giant sweatshirts with cats on them and kept diaries with ballerina slippers on the front, even though I never danced.

And so now Dear Dairy, Love Sophie exists as a space and place for me to share my love of curds and anything else that I should deem worthy to be posted.

Please enjoy.




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